Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

We had a few events for Halloween this year, which worked out well since Asher just couldn’t seem to decide on 1 costume. Isla, on the other hand, chose to be Hermione Granger months ago, and Hermione Granger she was. For a good long while, Asher was saying he would be Harry Potter, but as … Continue reading

Triathlons and Steps

Triathlons and Steps

Today was a special day. I started to write a post about it for Facebook, and it was getting a little long, and I realized the time has come to revive the blog. We started the day off early by loading the kids’ bikes onto the car. Also into the car went a cooler full … Continue reading

October 2016 wrap-up

Many happenings for our little family this past month– Asher finished his second soccer season. He loves his sport, and made impressive gains for a little guy. He scored lots of goals, made lots of friends, and he’s a genuinely good sport out there on the tiny field.  Gramma and Poppy came for a long … Continue reading

Big Bend National Park

Perhaps it’s the upcoming election. Perhaps it’s the San Antonio suburban sprawl. Perhaps it’s the books we’ve been reading lately (and, please, allow me to highly recommend both The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom HartmannĀ and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer). But we needed to unplug this weekend. So we packed up the … Continue reading

Summer, summarized

Holy moly, the backlog may be at its all-time worst, but here I am! Before the summer started, not-yet-blogged big events for us included Isla’s 6th birthday, graduation from kindergarten and the conclusion of Asher’s first soccer season. Today, I’ll summarize our summer, then I’ll get back to those. Sounds like a plan! Summer…. Isla … Continue reading

First Spring Break

With Isla in kindergarten and Elliot in graduate school, this year brought us our first family spring break. To make it even more memorable, Elliot’s best friend also got a real spring break this year (his first year teaching), it happened at the same time as ours, and he came to Texas to spend it … Continue reading


Way back in February, the Rodeo came to town. We move around often and 1 thing that I believe really helps us handle so much transition is our commitment to truly try our best to experience the goings-on of wherever we are. In San Diego, that meant eating fish tacos, wearing Toms, saying “the” before … Continue reading

First Soccer Season

Ok. My goal has been to write a new post at least once a week until I get caught up from my writing hiatus. Last week, I got Asher’s birthday post up, so technically my next post should be about the Rodeo. But I just have to break from the backlog for a moment and … Continue reading