Baking a cake

November is a busy month for birthdays in our family- my mom, Elliot’s dad, two of our nieces, one of our nephews, and my cousin, Tim (did I remember everybody’s?)! Add to it now my best friend’s first baby, just born less than a week ago. I enjoy making cakes for birthdays, so perhaps I should look on the bright side that most all of our dearest friends and family live so far away- that’d be a lot of cake this month! Maybe even to me, the unashamed cake lover.

Tim, gratefully, lives just down the street. So I decided to utilize Asher’s nap time as Tim’s cake-baking time. And Isla graciously agreed to “help” me. She sat in her high chair, coloring, snacking, and happily tasting her way through the baking process. The cake turned out pretty delicious, so thanks for the enthusiastic input, Isla!




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