Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving here at home- Asher’s first and Isla’s third. I pulled the turkey out of the fridge in the morning, and when it was still partly frozen, I was thinking, well, what kind of thanksgiving-y thing can we make with ground beef (the only other meat we had)? But Elliot saved the bird- well, so to speak- and our meal was lovely!

You’ll notice Asher wearing just a bib in his highchair, and that’s because he’s such a messy, I mean, enthusiastic eater. Aside from eating time Asher wore an outfit made by my mom 12 or so years ago for Luke’s first thanksgiving. And Isla wore a dress I made for her last year, it actually fit better this year! Not that you’ll see it very well in pictures- she is so quick and not so keen to slow down for a picture!






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