6 foot tree, 25 pound baby

We picked up our tree yesterday and barely made it off the lot without buying a bunch of pine cones. Isla just couldn’t resist the bin full of pine cones, and after she threw them for a third time, I did my best to discreetly escort her back to the car. Seriously though, free candy canes (which Isla also couldn’t resist) but pine cones 2 for $1- only in San Diego, I guess.

In other news, Asher went for his 9 month well baby check-up. 25 pounds, 30 inches. Holding strong in the 90+ percentiles! Time to start crawling, buddy (did I really just say that? Silly, silly mom)!




5 thoughts on “6 foot tree, 25 pound baby

  1. Can a year fly by any faster? I was just thinking oh the Grinch at the Globe! And tree shopping in your new ride……precious memories.

    • Crazy, fast year! We went back to the same lot this year. Giant blow-up Snowman was still on the roof, reggae music was still blasting over the loud speakers, and hot apple cider was still waiting for us :).

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