Biking with babies

Today was a gorgeous, sunny San Diego day. We decided to take the kids out to Mission Trails. Initially the plan was to hike, but then I got the urge to bike instead. We got all packed up (both car seats moved to Elliot’s car, bike rack applied, bikes onto rack, helmets, sunscreen, snacks, water, diaper bag, phones, camera, oh, and the kids!) and went to the store. We purchased a second child bike seat and a second child helmet. Then a quick stop for lunch, then to the trails!

It went perfectly. Isla loved the new seat. Asher loved the first seat (his first ride in it!). He fell asleep about halfway into the ride. Isla might have, too, but her new seat doesn’t really allow it. Oh well, we know Isla is no stranger to skipping naps!








One thought on “Biking with babies

  1. Fabulous. If you can’t come “east” I hope the Navy allows you to stay in sunny CA. can’t wait to visit.

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