First day of preschool!

I just dropped Isla off for her first day of preschool! I’m home now, Asher’s napping, and I can think of a million things I could be doing. But… I’m just thinking about my big girl on her first day of preschool…

Of course I knew this would be a little more difficult for me than for adventurous, outgoing Isla. We arrived this morning and she went right to her teacher, “Are you Ms. Kim?” (we’ve been practicing). Then she showed off her lunch (definitely the most exciting part of this for her, so far- her lunch bag), then she was off playing. I go back to pick her up at noon!




2 thoughts on “First day of preschool!

  1. My kind of lunch box–big enough for the whole class!
    I remember your first day of school–you weren’t impressed with some of the kids who weren’t as well “trained” as you were. You declared, “That’s not real school. Some of those kids peed their pants.” Mmmm, I knew we were in for a challenge 😉

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