Big day for the little guy

Asher went to see his neurosurgeon today for another much-anticipated follow-up from his surgery. There is a small area on his skull that hasn’t yet filled in with bone, and at previous follow-ups, Dr. Klugh had thought he might need additional surgery to close it, if it hadn’t done so already on it’s own. At today’s appointment, Dr. Klugh noted that this area is starting to grow fibrous tissue, which is the beginning of bone growth. In other words, no further surgery will be needed! Such a relief! I was fully expecting the opposite news. Leaving the appointment, I swear Elliot danced a little jig. His eyes were dancing a little jig, that’s for sure.

Next, I took Asher for his first, official haircut (technically, his first haircut happened in the O.R. with Dr. Klugh). Just wanted to make his hair a little less mullet-y. He giggled his way through it, charming his hair stylist as well as the other mothers and children waiting their turns.

Then to top off the day, Asher crawled for the first time, to an audience of Isla, Elliot, Tim and myself. We all erupted in cheers as his chubby little self crawled to retrieve a remote (same thing Isla first crawled to!). He is such a champ, today and every day, and we love him so.




4 thoughts on “Big day for the little guy

  1. The Quick Family in Virginia, is overjoyed to hear the good news! I love following along your adventures with little Asher and Isla. They are precious little blessings from wayyy up above. Thinking of you always, Angie, Donald, Hannah & Maddie Quick.

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