Crawling! (Video clip)

Just in time for his first birthday, Asher has started crawling! He has taken his time with gross motor development, but that’s okay with us! His neurosurgeon informed us that he didn’t start walking until he was 18 months, so we’re not (yet) stressing over this forthcoming milestone. Perhaps, too, because Asher is our second baby! We know how the definition of busy changes once the infant in your life starts hoofin’ it!

Anyway, watching this video, I was so impressed with Asher’s determination. I can just see it in every fiber of his little body, right down to his toes. It reminds me of the day he was born and how mellow labor was… to a point. Then after that point, labor became so fierce and so directed, and then maybe an hour (maybe less) later, Asher was in our arms! In that case, Asher decided he was ready to try out extra-uterine life. In this case, Asher decided he wanted to play with that ball!

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