Asher’s birthday!

Our baby boy turned 1!!! His birthday and his little backyard family party happened a couple of weekends ago, and here are a few of the best pics.

On the day of the party, Asher took a long morning nap after a yummy brunch. During the nap, Isla got to play in the backyard with her “best friend,” who lives right next door; and the adults got to clean up from brunch and decorate for the party. After Asher woke up, we got him all dressed for his big day and got the party started!

Though Asher’s start with his cake was a bit rocky (ok, full-on tears… maybe the singing and the homespun paparazzi scared him?), he came around (duh, cake!). He actually sat quite calmly and ate every last morsel of his big slice of yellow cake with buttercream icing. He made a mess, but really not that much of one- he was too busy getting it all in his mouth!

After cake, we moved onto gifts. Isla (I mean, Asher… well… ok, both of them!) totally enjoyed the awesome loot! Thank you so very much to our lovely family- whether at the party or not- for making Asher’s day special. And thank you so very much, Asher, for joining our family 1 year ago. We love you very, very, very much!






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