Flower girl

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so I’m trying to get back into the rhythm! This past weekend was a big weekend for our family. Isla got to be a flower girl in Elliot’s cousin’s wedding. What I loved most about this was how many people came together, in so many ways, to make it all happen.

First of all, the bride gave us free reign with Isla’s outfit. So my mom and I got to indulge our creative sides- mom made her (beautiful and sweet) dress, and I made some little accessories to go along. Elliot’s mom found a basket that’s been in many of the family’s weddings over many years, and as such, carries not only flower petals, but also great sentimental value. Coordinating Isla’s outfit really was a sweet experience for myself, my mom, and Elliot’s mom.

Then, perhaps most importantly, Elliot’s Granny came to the wedding. She got to see Isla for the second time (Isla was about 7 weeks old the first time) and Asher for the first. The kids loved their time with Granny (and they got a decent amount of time for such a packed, short weekend). Isla even asked if Granny could ride with us back to San Diego.

Getting pictures was quite a challenge. It really always is! But even more so this weekend as Isla was extremely excited, out of any recognizable pattern, tired, etc- you know, standard travel and/or big event fare! So this really is the best I’ve got for now. I’m banking on the wedding photographer…







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