Posted in April 2013

Little Teapot (video clip)

We’ve had a sense for awhile now that Asher may be musically inclined. It might be a stretch, but we think he’s been trying to sing lately. See what you think… do me a favor, though, and ignore my singing!

Day 3 swim lessons (video clip)

Soon I will be posting pictures from Isla’s 3rd birthday festivities. Just need time to get it all organized! While waiting for that, though, please enjoy this quick little video of Isla learning to swim. Day 1 was horrible, day 2 still not so great, day 3 (today)- amazing.



Recently, Elliot and I took the kids down to Mission Bay for a bike ride. By the time we were actually ready to bike (it just takes us a long time to prep a bike ride, really, a long time), they were both quite sleepy. Add in the sun, the breeze, the motion of the … Continue reading

Stairs (video clip)

I almost titled this “steps,” but then I realized the obvious assumption that most people would make… that 14-month old Asher is taking steps! Nope. Not walking yet. But doing other things (like what he’s doing in this video) that Isla couldn’t do until well after she started walking. Funny how different they are!