Happy 3rd birthday, Isla!!!

On April 22nd, Isla turned three. I can still hardly believe it. Her birthday this year fell on a Monday. So she got to bring cupcakes to preschool, wear a little “it’s my birthday” t-shirt, and bask in the glory of her awesome self. She enjoyed the special attention, according to her teacher. Maybe that’s her age, maybe her personality, maybe both- in any event, it sure was cute to see.

Aside from preschool stardom, we celebrated Isla’s birthday the Saturday before her “real” day. We started the morning off with a pancake breakfast, had a wonderful little party for her during lunch and the afternoon, then finished the day with our traditional birthday meal of lasagna (we started this tradition on the day Isla was born, as that was our first meal after her birth). What a day! (I’ll be adding more pictures to this post soon, just wanted to get the ball rolling…)



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