First- Swim to John; Now- Walk to Isla (video clip)

So, it’s finally happened!! Asher is walking. For a few months now, he had been seriously refusing to try. You’d be walking with him, holding his hands. Then you’d let go, and he’d plop himself down on the ground in a pile of defiant babyness. He’d look up at you as if he’d just been betrayed.

Around the weekend of Isla’s birthday, he accidentally took a few steps here and there… when he’d forgotten that he was on a walking strike. But he’d do it, all the same. And as soon as we’d intervene and try to coax him to walk again- plop- pile of betrayed baby. But we knew it would be any day.

Yesterday, he took a few steps on purpose, with a proud smile on his face. But we’d learned our lesson by this point, and we didn’t make a big deal out of it, or try to push him any further. Today, he’s been gleeful, laughing-out-loud-gleeful, all day. After dinner, we just set him up on a whim to walk to Isla. And he did. Again, and again, and again. And we made a huge fuss over him, and he loved every second of it. And so did Isla. Enjoy the video!

2 thoughts on “First- Swim to John; Now- Walk to Isla (video clip)

  1. I love it. Please promise to post videos from Japan. I don’t think I could stand not seeing them! Love them So MUCH!

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