Swim 2 John follow-up

Recently, Isla’s swim coach, Mr. John, made a new video to help advertise his class. At the start of her lessons, he had let us know that he wanted to make a new video for other folks to get a sense of how the classes go. He asked us to sign a waiver, if we were okay with her appearing in the video. He asked this of all his students. I estimate he teaches at least 20-30 new students every 2 weeks for about 5 months. In other words, a lot of students! So you can imagine our surprise to see Isla’s feature role! The video is a bit campy, for sure. We’re still thrilled with little Isla’s break-out performance. I mean, I would’ve chosen her, too!

Here’s the link-


2 thoughts on “Swim 2 John follow-up

  1. I always knew she was a star! And the look of accomplishment on her face on Day 10 as she “taught” Daddy how to teach her to swim is priceless!

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