Summer adventures

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I think you’ll understand! In the past month or so, we’ve packed out of San Diego, vacationed with family and friends on the East Coast, and moved to…. Japan! We’re currently living out of a hotel and we have no driving licenses or cars yet, but we’re all in 1 piece (including Daphne) and we’re almost completely adjusted to our new time zone. Culture shock is an understatement. But we’ve got working cell phones now, and google translate is helping.

Isla and Asher certainly seem to sense the adventurous nature of this summer. They have responded with excitement, and their flexibility and openness has been inspiring.

In just 2 days, we’ve already come across so many noteworthy things (for example, the toilets- an entire blog post to themselves!), but yesterday I finally had my ducks in enough of a row to get a couple of pictures. We found an indoor kids play area in a shopping mall- some similarities to what you’d find in the states (crazed kids, lots of noise) and many differences, obviously. Isla and Asher had a great time! Highlight for me- changing Asher’s diaper while the toilet played soothing sounds of waves crashing and birds chirping (I’m telling you, an entire blog post)!



5 thoughts on “Summer adventures

  1. Glad you made it over safely. And I see you let Isla out in public in one of her “princess” dresses. Haha. Oh I assume you had to make a few concessions to get through the last week. Miss you guys so much! Thanks for the update!

    • We are definitely making concessions, but… The princess dress was actually at the play place! And about 10 others. Isla really liked that place! PS- I have whatsapp now 🙂

  2. So glad you made it safely with everyone intact. It will get easier from here. And your right, Japanese toilets deserve their own blog. Hugs to everyone.

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