First Week

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tough week. We survived trans-pacific travel with 2 little ones and our dog. We’re surviving jet lag. We’re surviving hotel life with no car and less-than-adequate communication skills. We’re even surviving gastroenteritis- first Asher only, now me and Elliot, Isla has so far been spared. Despite the challenges, though, we’ve found many things every day to bring us happiness and a sense of gratitude for this grand adventure.

Here is just one example. In Japanese culture, children are loved and included in a way that warms my heart. Every restaurant has special plates, utensils, cups, bibs for little ones. Every public space has a nursing room and diaper changing area. Public bathrooms have little potty seats hanging on hooks next to toilets. Malls, grocery stores, etc have strollers such that people use those rather than lug around their own (I have yet to see a BOB here!). Yesterday we were in a locker room (I’m calling it that, as that is the closest thing I can come up with) for a large pool and beach facility. Right in the middle of it, a full size crib available for mothers to lay down their infants while they change clothes, apply sunscreen, whatever. Isla and Asher seem to appreciate all of this. They look forward to what character will be on their cups at lunch. They scope out the public strollers to pick which one they want to ride in. I also appreciate all of this. Especially as we are currently without a car and hoofing it everywhere we want/need to go, how nice it has been to know that we don’t need to bring along giant bags full of equipment necessary to make it through a few hours with small children.

Anyway, noteworthy pictures for today. Isla and Elliot napping together on the couch. Isla so rarely naps, I feel compelled to photograph her whenever she does! In the background, Asher, too, is napping in a pack-n-play covered partially by the bedspread (for noise and light blocking). A sweet moment. The other pictures are of Isla and Asher bouncing together on a trampoline. I’ve got to take more pictures! For example of them eating real ramen noodles. And swimming in the beautiful sea.






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