Seaside pool

Our hotel has a pool facility which we have visited a handful of times. Isla learning how to swim a few months ago (and totally solidified during our daily swims in Poppy and Gramma’s pool, followed by our week at Palm Beach just before leaving for Japan) has been a pat-on-the-back moment for us as patents. Granted, Isla’s the one who learned! Still, we made a great decision to put her in lessons with Swim2John. Of all the questionable decisions made as parents, it’s nice to know we got that one right! I feel completely comfortable taking both kids by myself to a pool. Even a pool in a foreign country where I don’t yet understand the customs, can’t yet read the signs or speak the language.

This morning I took them both to the hotel’s pool facility, located up on a hill directly on the beach. Tens years ago, this facility was magnificent. Currently, it needs a good pressure-washing and fresh coat of paint, but is still a very lovely place. It has healing pools, jacuzzi pools, kiddie pools, and swimming pools, not to mention the saunas, showers, and foot-soaking hot pools! I snapped a few pics that barely do justice to the views. I’m proud of myself for getting any pictures at all!




2 thoughts on “Seaside pool

  1. Thank you for sharing. This weekend was particularly hard to look around and know you all weren’t here any more. I would, however, love to see a story & pics about the toilets. Elliot is an expert on that. We have a whole series of videos he took while in France, Austria, and Poland in 92, illuminating the beauty of European WCs!

  2. Looks lovely and I guess everyone is feeling better? Thinking of you often. Adjusting is hard but will be so worth it. Like Gramma V. I’m missing everyone, too. I’ll get to work on all those pics and start sharing! Love you all.

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