Here are a few pictures of us as tourists. Soaking our feet in a public hot spring. Trying on hats (everybody wears hats, and lots of sun protection in general). Eating at a noodle shop (Elliot is sitting on a mat on the floor; Isla is in a special tiny chair designed for this specific situation). As a fun side note, Isla is loving the food! Want to try some raw fish? Sure! Seaweed with tiny seeds? Yes! Ramen noodles? Absolutely. Pork shabu-shabu? Ok! Dragon fruit? Uh-huh. Bitter melon? Of course! It’s a lot of fun. Asher has been quite a bit more hesitant with eating, but he’s also cutting those awful, wicked canines and he was sick the first few days. So we’re hoping he’ll come around later. The food is every bit as delicious as you’ve heard it to be.




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