Busy days

A lot has happened in the past few days! We have a car now, and licenses to drive it. We’re both driving on the left side of the road (mostly competently). Elliot has started working, real staff shifts. We’ve chosen a home to move into (not such a tough choice when the housing office gave us a whopping 2 options). All of our household goods have arrived from the states. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to move into our home or unpack our household goods for another 5-7 weeks (reasons owing to furloughs and sequestration- ugh). Soooo, we moved out of the resort hotel and into a Japanese apartment, making our lives a bit more like real life, less like a super long vacation. We are missing the comforts of all our baby/kid gear and toys (we packed for a couple of weeks of living out of a home, not a couple of months), but we’re otherwise fairly comfortable. I’m registered for a Japanese language class that begins in September. We’re preschool-shopping for Isla. It’s all coming together. Anyone ready to visit us yet??

I’ve added pictures from 2 recent adventures. We went to an annual drumming parade over the weekend. We didn’t last very long in the heat with 2 littlies, but we still got to see soooo much. We also recently visited the Okinawa Zoo and Wonder Museum (they’re together, like peas and carrots). The kids loved all of it, which really helped us get past the heat (noticing a theme? I think San Diego spoiled us, weather-wise!). Oh and the last picture is Isla practicing with her new kiddie chopsticks- she picked up a piece of paper with them! She’s still eating the food like she’s a local (raw octopus yesterday!), so we figure she ought to use the table etiquette of a local, too.













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