Afternoon at the beach

Today we headed to the south of our island (ok, it’s hardly “our island” and that probably sounded a bit preposterous, but I’m trying to feel home here, so that’s why I wrote it!) with our host family and another family that just moved here. We ate lunch at a cafe with beautiful views of the ocean, then headed down to the beach to play for awhile. It was perfect, let me tell you all the ways.

The drive down took about an hour, and both kids napped in the car, waking up with great moods for lunch and afternoon playtime.

The various kids in the group all got along perfectly, no drama. (1 infant: Natalie; 2 toddlers: Asher and Sienna; 1 preschooler: Isla; 1 kindergartener: Brynn; 1 first-grader: Eli)

The various adults in the group all got along perfectly, no drama. (2 ER physicians; 2 newly-stay-at-home moms; 1 tech engineer)

Asher was in a hugging mood. For those of you who know Asher, you’re probably thinking, um, duh. But since arriving to Okinawa, the hugs and kisses from Asher had all but stopped. If you asked for either, he’d both say “no” and shake his head “no” at the same time, just to make sure you got the message. But today was plenty-of-unsolicited-hugs-from-Asher day. Good stuff.

For lunch, we got to sit in an outdoor spot with plenty of space for the kids to explore while not disturbing anyone else, because we were the only people outside.

The food was delicious. Between myself, Elliot and our 2 kids, we ate every, last bite, stopping just short of licking the plates (unfortunately, as in the States, that’s frowned upon here).

The weather was amazing- warm but not overly so, with a lovely breeze.

The beach was tropical- soft, white sand and clear, blue water (perfect temp, too).

A perfect day, and I totally felt the tropical-island-paradise vibe.







4 thoughts on “Afternoon at the beach

  1. Love reading this! Makes me feel better about the inevitable adjustments you are making as a family! Everyone looks happy….ah!!!

  2. Wonderful news! So happy to hear there’s some joy during this huge family realignment. Makes me feel better, too. Love the pics and so glad there are other children for Isla and Asher to get to know.

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