Aquarium/Ocean Expo Park

We’d heard that the aquarium here on Okinawa is a “must-see,” “world class,” etc. We’d also heard that it was a bit of a drive and at least a full day’s worth of activities. We probably could have planned a little better to fully maximize on this attraction, but Elliot had a day off, we had cabin fever (it’s a continuous state when you’re living out of a hotel!), so we decided to go for it. Totally awesome. The drive was long, yes, but gorgeous. Stunning views at every turn. And the aquarium and surrounding grounds fully lived up to their reputation. We will definitely re-visit this one! And we’ll happily show it to you when you come to visit!

These pictures don’t even hint at the wonder of this place, but I’m sharing what I’ve got nonetheless! Yes, that’s a whale shark (1 of 3) behind Elliot and Isla in the indoor picture. Right above Elliot’s head in that same photo is a full-size dolphin, to give a little scale to the hugeness of the tank and the shark(s). Also, the 1 picture shows Asher enjoying the misting sidewalks spread all throughout the outdoor grounds. Misting sidewalks!







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