The wonderful wonder museum

Today we re-visited the wonder museum, a seriously great children’s museum located within the seriously debatable zoo. Today was an American holiday, but not a Japanese holiday, and we arrived at opening time. We had the place almost entirely to ourselves! The staff kept playing with the kids, helping them into various costumes, and I actually sat down! ¥700 (about $7) well-spent!

We played all morning, then moseyed on over to the “snack shop.” After viewing the menu, we stayed for lunch- takoyaki (similar to crab cakes, but with octopus, fish and other assorted sea life) and yakisoba (noodles with veggies, pickled ginger, and spices). So good!

Some of the pictures show the magnet wall. Literally a wall made of magnet, with various magnet shapes for the kids to create with. I’ve never seen something quite like this in the States. Both kids enjoyed it, and I thought Isla’s tree was lovely!







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