What a week!

Isla started preschool this week, a Montessori school in town (i.e., not on the base where we live). I started exercising again, a group called Mommy Recess (almost as misleadingly named as Stroller Strides). Moms meet at an outdoor basketball court and get worked by a personal trainer while tots and babies play, sleep, snack, and sometimes, um, cry. Isla also started gymnastics and ballet. Elliot had a birthday. Asher started a baby swap. Once a week or so, his baby partner, Siena, comes to our house for the day. Then on a different day, he’ll go to her house. And Elliot worked every day. I am one tired momma, but very pleased with all of our new activities! All of this, and we’re just barely moved in! You know, boxes are unpacked but nothing yet on the walls…






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