Weekend adventure, part 1

Elliot got the entire weekend off! We initially thought we might try to go camping, but it is seriously hot here… so I vetoed that suggestion. We’re living on a tropical island in Southeast Asia, though, so we had plenty of options. We spent Saturday at a beach called Hidden Beach.

I’ll just start by saying that it is appropriately named. When the directions include, “turn right immediately before the coca-cola machine next to the blue tomb,” you know you’re getting off the beaten path. We took many wrong turns (even with detailed directions, navigating roads here is a challenge!), but we eventually made it. And it was quite lovely.

We brought a picnic lunch, and after that, spent our time catching tiny hermit crabs, collecting sea glass, and venturing into the sea. Isla continues to thrive on new adventures, always willing to try new things. Asher is a bit more cautious, but we’ve noticed that as he is getting more and more sure-footed, he is also becoming more and more bold. Now if he could just stop pooping in his swim diapers, we’d be all set!





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