Sesame Street Live

The USO partnered with Sesame Street to sponsor a series of shows for military kids here in Okinawa. We picked up our free tickets about 2 weeks ago (with a small amount of non-noteworthy drama, mostly relating to my complete ignorance of how these things work) for our performance today.

It was perfect. Perfect timing (4pm), perfect weather, perfect moods for both kids, perfect length (about 40 minutes total), perfect theme (moving away from dear friends and learning how to make new ones), and of course, perfect price!

Upon entering the theatre, the kids were given free merch, the highlight of which was a spinny, light-up thing like they sell at Disney, only with Elmo in the middle. Their faces were priceless. I get to have this?! Mom, do you see what they’re giving us?!

And they loved the show. Music, dancing, sweetness all around. Yay for the USO and Sesame Street, these kids were totally thrilled.






3 thoughts on “Sesame Street Live

  1. Nothing like a spinny light up thing to make the whole world a happy place!! Their expressions are timeless! I love it. xoxo

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