Playing hookie

Isla’s school was closed for a field trip and Elliot had the day off. So we let Isla choose- school field trip to the zoo or family trip to the aquarium (and maybe we tipped the balance a tiny bit by adding things like “ice cream for afternoon snack” to our pitch). She “chose” the aquarium! Aside from the weather (tropical storm, so they say, but sure seemed more like a typhoon to us island-newbies), we had a fun day. Aquarium, fruit land (similar to pineapple world, just slightly less irritating), and dinner at a stunning location, appropriately named Pizza in the Sky (or Kajinho in Japanese).










3 thoughts on “Playing hookie

  1. You all always seem to have such a good time. I think Isla’s decision to go to the aquarium was a smart one-the whole family got to be together and the ice cream looked scrumptious! I can’t wait to share this with Poppy.

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