Nara Park

The town of Nara is a quick train ride away from Kyoto, and a popular day trip for tourists. Nara is known for its free-roaming deer, which are revered as messengers of God in the Shinto religion. We decided to check it out.

Walking down the street of a seemingly normal town, deer are literally lounging about or walking down the street, too, minding their own business, apparently sending out messages from God… Right up until you pull out the deer biscuits just purchased from a street vendor. Then these elegant beasts flip their doe-eyed lids. Elliot and Asher both suffered deer bites, which do hurt according to Asher’s screams and Elliot’s confirmation. After a BABY deer jumped up and swung at Isla, she figured out how to run, fast, to the periphery of the deer mob and prevent any further assault. She added the word “aggressive” to her everyday vocabulary. And we’re pretty sure both kids are scarred for life. But the town sure is lovely…







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