Biking Kyoto

I forgot to post this back when it occurred, so I’m doing it now (3 weeks behind schedule is about right for me at this time). For one of our days in Kyoto, we rented bicycles. We’d already spent one day walking around the city, and another day using the bus and subway system. We thought biking the city could be a fun alternative. Just to stack the odds in favor of fun, we paid a little extra and chose bikes with an “electric assist.”

I know, I know, I can hear the bike people just chiming in- “but that’s cheating.” Absolutely! Our goal wasn’t to train for a triathlon or prove our dedication to sport, our goal was to have fun. And seriously, those electric assist bikes are fun-mobiles. We covered a great deal of the city, touring a few more of the magnificent temples. Meanwhile, the streets were packed with both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We swerved in and out, doing hills with only the slightest effort. As if that’s not enough, Isla and Asher both loved their child seats and felt comfortable enough to doze off during one of our longer routes. Rested children = relaxed (ish) parents. 2 thumbs up for the electric assist biking Kyoto day!






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