Preparing for deployment

So…. Elliot will be leaving very, very soon for a long deployment, about 8 months. Although we’re not at all surprised by this assignment, we are still quite anxious and sad. Elliot has deployed 1 other time, but that was before our children were born, and it lasted just 6 weeks. Sometimes, I get caught up on my own emotions about this situation, which just happens and I just let it happen. What really trips me up, though, is how this will feel for Isla, Asher and Elliot.

To help the kids through this, Elliot and I have been preparing a number of special items. They’ll each have their own photo album of pictures with daddy. They’ll each have a daddy doll ( They’ll each have a huge jar full of Hershey’s kisses, for whenever they need a kiss from daddy. Elliot has recorded himself reading several of their bedtime stories, so he can still be a part of their nighttime ritual. We’ve set up a toddler bed right next to our bed for middle-of-the-night comfort needs.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the pictures we’ve been organizing. They’re just so sweet! And… I’m open to suggestions for other ways to help young children (and their mom) cope with separation from a parent.








2 thoughts on “Preparing for deployment

  1. Elliot , I knew you when you lived here on Wexford Road in, Nova Scotia. We partied hardy with your parents in those days. Then we met your family in New Hampshire when we had our motorhome….I am so happy to see you and your beautiful family. Good luck with your deployment. It seems you have a good plan to keep your little ones minds happy while you are gone…The recording of your voice will be so soothing to them…..Take care, Linda Tannahill, Dartmouth, N S Canada

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