Break from the Rain

Update: I started writing this post almost 2 weeks ago. I’m just a tad behind on the bloggidy-blog… and the laundry… and Daphne really needs a bath. So now I’m feeling a bit hypocritical because this weekend was actually lovely. Two sunny days in a row, even an afternoon at the beach, including swimming, without wetsuits. Prior to this weekend, though, we seriously had a lot of rain! And I just can’t bring myself to delete this post, even if these 2 sunny days have untwisted my knickers. Ok, on to the post…

It just keeps raining here, seems like for weeks, with an occasional break now and then. I know I’ve got to be careful, commenting on the weather. It’s just rain, after all, not a snowpacolypse! But it is a drag, nonetheless. Especially for a girl recently transplanted from San Diego. I think it rains twice per year, or maybe three times, in San Diego. Yet you can still grow vegetables in your backyard. Yeah, living there pretty much ruins you, weather-wise, for anywhere else on Earth.

I check the weather at least once a day, and when I saw a possible break in the rain long enough to get to a playground, I banked on it. I sent out a text to invite friends, and picked a playground. One of these days, I’ll write a post specifically about the playgrounds here. In. Sane. But I digress. We showed up at the designated time. As did half of Okinawa. Still, that fresh air felt great and 3 hours never passed so quickly! And, it started to rain again as we were leaving!

In the pictures, you’ll notice some standard playground equipment, and some not-so-standard equipment, like a reflexology walking path (yes, I’m serious). Some day, really, I’ll write the Japanese Playground Review post. Until then, let’s just enjoy these pictures of the kids playing with friends, exploring a field of dandelion flowers, and climbing a stairway to the sky!







2 thoughts on “Break from the Rain

  1. Poppy says Grandma Ross used to say, “Always good to get the stink blowed off ya.” Or something like that…. It poured all day here. Poppy on his way back to St. Pete. One more month to go.

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