Chopped (actually, buzzed)

I took Isla and Asher for haircuts about 2 months ago. It was a disaster. Asher left with half of a haircut (literally, 1/2 of his head). Isla, after witnessing poor Asher’s ordeal, refused any haircut at all. I made a mental note to just let their hair go, until we visit the States this summer. I guess I lost track of that mental note.

Today, I took Asher to a different barber shop, on a different base and explained what I wanted in detail (English) to our very sweet, very elderly barber (Japanese). As the CLIPPERS expertly SHAVED a strip of hair from Asher’s neck to his crown, I understood perfectly that we were-duh- speaking 2 different languages. I
swallowed my panic- it’s just hair, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back, it’ll grow back- and kicked into crisis management mode. In the end, Asher and the barber, Takaushi, are great friends. Asher’s haircut is symmetric. These are both successes, in my book, and help to ease the pain of losing my baby boy’s gorgeous, silken, uneven hair.

All I can say is-
Asher, no matter what your hair looks like, ever, we will love you, always.
Elliot, forgive me.
Veronica, I should’ve followed your prompt and tried to do it myself. Or…
Self, take note of your mental notes!

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#2- today/post



2 thoughts on “Chopped (actually, buzzed)

  1. I think it looks great and he still looks like a little boy – maybe going to a wedding….no, really, Now we just need to let the sun do its thing to get that blonde back. And how wonderful that he made a friend! A boy needs buds!

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