Post Office (movie)

We have to drive a good bit to get to our mailbox and post office, so we only go about twice a week. But because we’re 1- living overseas and 2- heavy users of our Amazon Prime account, we pretty much always score at the post office whenever we do make the drive. Today, we got a package from Elliot with, among other gifts, a very special geek stick. He made 2 videos for us- 1 for Isla’s birthday and 1 for our upcoming 8 year anniversary. I keep watching them over and over. I was even late by over 1/2 an hour getting the kids to bed (a major parenting breach for me!), because I was letting Isla and Asher watch them over and over, too. I’ll be posting more for Isla’s birthday later, as she still has her preschool “celebration of life” ceremony (what her school does for birthdays- how sweet is that title?) and her party yet to come. But, here’s her video from Elliot- enjoy!! (Grandmothers, you may want to grab some tissues… I needed a couple!)

PS- One tiny error in the video: the clip of Isla in a green dress dancing on the park bench occurred on her 2nd birthday, not her 3rd.

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