I’m staunchly opposed to using bribery, especially with sweets, to motivate children. Usually.

Tomorrow is Isla’s party, but I’m assuming I’ll be too busy to capture random pictures, let alone stage a few. So I hatched a plan to get a few pictures of Isla today, calm before the storm style. Isla had other plans. So I threw down my first bribe. I offered her some of my lip gloss. She immediately switched over to my side. But then, she started acting all weird and making these strange sucking sounds, clearly unsure of what to do with her newly glossed lips. And as it became clear to her that her deal with the devil wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, she lost interest in holding up her end of the bargain. So I threw down my second bribe- I offered her 1 of the marshmallow pops I made for the party. And I got smart. I didn’t give her the pop until we were outside, with her sandals on (not her daggum, sparkly pink crocs that she was insisting on), and I had an area scoped out and a phone ready to snap pictures.

And here she is, in her Frozen-inspired party dress. The dress is a pillowcase-style dress, which normally means the front and back of the dress are the same. I used multiple fabrics (which I had to do), though, so the front and back varied. But holy crow, fortunately, they only vary in fabrics, not shapes. Isla, in no uncertain terms, changed what I thought would be the front to the back. And she’s right, that sparkly snowflake material looks like Elsa’s cape. Of course it needs to be in the back.

The cupcakes for the party were delivered to the house this evening. I went ahead and photographed those in advance, too, for obvious reasons! I’d say the baker and the seamstress did a great job communicating and executing the theme! Now let’s go have a party!








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