Shaving Cream Paint

I thought about using this title instead:
Photographic Support for Mom of the Year Nomination.

Today is Friday, and on Fridays, we have a babysitter come to the house for 4 hours. I use this time for wild adventures like grocery shopping or mailing packages or, when I’m particularly well-rested, folding laundry. Despite the mundane nature of these tasks, though, doing them alone is actually quite refreshing for me.

I blame that refreshed feeling for what happened this evening at bath time. I used gel food coloring, muffin tins and shaving cream to create paint palettes for Isla and Asher. They took it from there. A few caveats. Our bath tub was already a complete mess from a previous evening of bath crayons (never, ever buy those things). This would have otherwise been pretty easy to clean up, now that I have a hand shower installed in their bathroom (thanks, Poppy!). This type of “paint” kept their attention much longer than regular finger paints, and is probably much less expensive. The colors didn’t mix into an overall brown shade, they retained their individual colors while twirling into the other colors in truly mesmerizing ways. This “paint” also had a 3d effect which held up for the whole session. Not until I began hosing everything down with water did the colors start blending and deflating. Even that process was fascinating. So overall what I’m saying is this- shaving cream bath paint was a huge success. As a bonus, I got a few interesting and beautiful (in my humble opinion) photos. Hope you enjoy them as much as Isla and Asher enjoyed their painting session!














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