“Frozen” Party

Success! With lots of help from wonderful friends, we pulled off a fun, happy 4th birthday party for Isla. Back in the planning stages, I tried hard to coax Isla into a different type of party. In the end, though, I actually truly enjoyed setting this one up, probably because I forced myself to simplify and because “Frozen” is a rich theme for people like me who dabble in creativity (aka, search google and Pinterest for clever ideas and then copy them). I got to make snowball lollipops (from marshmallows) and snowball party favors (homemade white sparkly playdoh, rolled into a ball). I did not make the snowflake cupcakes, though I thought about pretending to when people started asking. Somewhat related- I have a feeling Isla may also turn out to be a detail person, as she seemed to really appreciate each little detail.

The party was simple. We watched “Frozen” at a mini-movie theater, with a break halfway through the movie to play a little game, open gifts and eat cupcakes. Our game was “pin the carrot nose on Olaf,” and though Isla didn’t exactly want to participate, she was quite happy to hand the carrot noses to the blindfolded contestants. I had been on the fence about the game, unsure how it would go off, but the kids loved it. And while I was embarrassed to reveal my shaky drawing abilities, the kids were honestly impressed by Olaf. I’m telling you, never underestimate the power of a child’s sweet compliment, or their genuine awe of adults. Warmed my heart!

While “Happy Birthday” was being sung to Isla, she looked sooooo sweet. Shy, happy, overwhelmed, all at once. Then the song finished and Asher blew out her candles! Oh, she was mad! But he only got 1 candle out. Isla somehow overcame her anger, blew out the remaining 3 candles and got back into the swing of things. There was a moment, though, maybe a half-second, when a scene- siblings brawling on the floor, icing smeared on faces, party guests watching in stunned silence, perhaps a small fire starting up the walls- flashed through my mind. Nope! None of that, not even close.

My mom made snowflake water bottles for all of the kids (thank you!) and I filled them with “melted snow.” One of Isla’s friends, a little girl who is almost 6, went on and on about how good her melted snow tasted. Precious! All in all, it was a sweet, fun party. Isla enjoyed it. Asher enjoyed it. Our party guests enjoyed it. I even enjoyed it. Happy 4th birthday, my dear girl. IMG_7482 IMG_748320140505-222112.jpg IMG_7422 IMG_7425IMG_3032 IMG_7428 IMG_7437 IMG_7439 IMG_7447 IMG_7457 IMG_7468 IMG_7480 IMG_7488 IMG_7489 IMG_7492

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