Another Day, Another Awesome Park

Today we visited a military beach facility. We often visit Okinawan beach facilities and they are awesome. So awesome that every time we go, I start lamenting all the things I’m going to miss about Okinawa. So going to a military facility today I expected, you know, a beach, the ocean, a picnic table or two, maybe a bathroom facility. We would have been fine, thrilled, with that. Isla and Asher love the beach, after all. And I get to experience momma-zen, observing the sun, wind, salty sea and soft sand cast a spell on my children.

We were in for a sweet surprise. This place had it all. In fact, we had been there almost 2 hours before we even made it to the ocean. Swings, pirate ship playground, bounce houses, splash park, giant water slide (which Isla and Asher declined), BBQ restaurant (where we ate dinner, and voluntarily eating BBQ is saying a lot for me!), pre-set umbrellas on the beach with hammock-style chairs. As if all that wasn’t enough, Isla’s BFF from preschool and her lovely family met up with us. Another day in paradise!

Then tonight as we were getting ready for bed, we went over our day, a routine I’ve been incorporating as a way to encourage gratitude, reflection, the art of savoring life. We were talking a lot about the beach, but then Isla got quiet. I just watched her in that moment, sensing in a small way the big thing she was about to say. “Mommy, Daddy was all around us today.” Yes, Little Love, Daddy was all around us today.







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