Playdoh and Anna

Some of you already know this, but the Anna doll has been a permanent fixture in Asher’s life now for almost 2 months. Anna sleeps in the crib with him, rides in the cup holder of his car seat, stands next to his plate at the table, you get the idea. Now that everybody knows, you can play a fun game when you’re checking our blog- Find Anna (here’s a clue, she’s always quite close to Asher). Ok, on to the story.

With warmer weather coming to this island, Daphne has been shedding a ton. I *have* to vacuum every other day or so. I just can’t handle it. Isla and Asher, however, couldn’t care less about the heaps of dog hairs and have grown a bit tireless of my vacuuming. They pull the cord out of the outlet, over and over again. They chase me, squealing with glee, to lunge at the on/off button. They have sudden onset hearing sensitivities.

So I got all smart and set them up with playdoh, just so I could vacuum in peace. I pretty much never let them play with playdoh. That’s for dads and babysitters. For me, I get fixated on the tiny bits of unnaturally colored goo that’s settling into the floors, carpets, chairs, tables, everywhere. I can’t do it. As a result, Isla and Asher really think playdoh is the bee’s knees. And so it worked. I vacuumed, thoroughly, for 20 uninterrupted minutes. Then I happily sauntered over to their work space, feeling clean and centered… and immediately realized my mistake. And now what activity can I set them up with while I clean up the playdoh????



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