Cold and Wet

Our back yard is not very big. And there’s not much back there- a concrete slab, a big tree, a strange sand/mud area, some struggling grass, and the toys, grill and bench that we’ve added to the array. But seriously, it’s a jungle out there. We’re in the rainy season here in Okinawa, and every single time we go outside to play (which is just about every day), Isla and Asher make some wild discoveries. I’d offer some information about what these critters are, but I mostly don’t know. Giant, orange termite-type things, who shed their wings; the biggest, furriest caterpillars I’ve ever seen; ginormous snails that hiss, I’m not kidding, like cats; freakishly long earthworms; plus the standard ants, spiders, slugs, beetles, normal-sized snails, centipedes, etc. I’m working hard to keep my own skittish-ness under wraps, and just let these kids be kids, critters welcome!









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