Best Game Ever (IMHO)

We went to a little splash park today just for a little while. It was during the day, I know, but the stars must have aligned, or maybe something with the upcoming summer solstice, I don’t know. Isla and Asher were inseparable buddies. For the first 10 minutes or so, they just ran around like wild animals. Then they started their first game together. Isla stood right in the middle of the splash pad (I’m not sure if the pictures portray it, but that water was seriously coming down), Asher would dawdle around at the edges for a bit, then run to Isla for a hug. Next, they’d both run off together, then start all over again. This lasted for at least 20 hugs. They followed that game with others, but the run-to-me-for-a-hug game was my favorite!







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