We concluded our visit in San Diego and we’ve been making ourselves at home in Dothan. Literally. My parents moved into one of their guest rooms to give us their ginormous master bedroom and bathroom. Talk about being spoiled! And I’ve gotten a manicure, pedicure and attended an awesome yoga class (I think that’s the second yoga class I’ve been to SINCE ISLA WAS BORN).

Wait, this blog is supposed to be about Isla and Asher. For all the travel and changes they’ve been through, I think they’re doing really well. Since leaving Okinawa, Asher’s “oh-fway” (for “okay”) has changed to “oh-tay.” And instead of calling anything he views as negative “stupid,” he now prefers spitting to express himself. Not sure if this is a step in the right direction or not. Sadly, I have to work hard to not laugh, much like when he kept grumbling “stupid” 800 times a day.

Isla’s enjoying sharing a king-sized bed with me. We’ve never co-slept in the past, but this arrangement is working for all involved parties. Which translates to mean she and I are both getting adequate sleep, mostly, and therefore anyone we interact with isn’t reeling afterwards, mostly. For posterity, I feel compelled to write about an expression Isla uttered, quite matter-of-factly, as she witnessed Papa setting off “real” fireworks in the street on the 4th of July. “Holy god crap.” I, as per usual, didn’t know whether to scold her or applaud her. So I did neither, and felt thankful that the darkness of the night and the noise from the fireworks masked my laughter.









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