First Day of Pre-K

After months of a laid back summer schedule, we all struggled a bit to get out the door on time for preschool this morning. But we made it. Isla, characteristically, wavered back and forth between excitement and sadness. I think I’m doing the same, also characteristically.

Her dress today was a true group project. It started this summer when Pami, Asher and I took Isla to a fabric store to pick out her own fabric. I knew this would take some major letting-go on my behalf (find a project of mine that I didn’t have full control of and, well, you won’t be able to find one!). She has become very choosy about her clothing, though, and I generally feel compelled to support her. That being said, I wish we could’ve gotten our trip to the fabric store on video. I’ll summarize by saying that we’re lucky this dress wasn’t made of black fabric with silver glitter, accented by Disney princess fabric on a purple background. Anyway, once the final fabric choices were made, I employed my best acting skills to get on board. To my surprise, I think her choices turned out pretty great, and all the more so because it’s what she wanted. My mother did the embroidery, I did the sewing, and our neighbor gave Isla the shoes as a hand-me-down.

Asher and I will head back soon to pick up Isla. I hope she has a good day!




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