Training Wheels (video clip)

Isla and Asher both have new bicycles with training wheels, a gift from Daddy when he returned from deployment. So far, neither child has shown a ton of interest in riding these new bikes, and neither parent has taken much initiative to get out there and practice with them. But 1 day this week, we had a slow afternoon with beautiful weather and we got out those bikes. Isla and Asher put on their helmets without even a hint of fussing, and they were both actually really excited to ride the bikes. Asher is patient and enthusiastic, but learning the technique of pushing the pedals may be well in the future and I wouldn’t say he’s anxious to get there any time too soon. He was quite content to be pushed on the bike while he steers. Isla, on the other hand, could incorporate all of the movements- pedaling, steering, stopping- but she was terrified, even with the training wheels, to ride on her own without the reassurance of a parent’s hand on her back or somewhere on her bike. Until she saw an older little girl (6 yrs old, we soon found out) zipping around on her custom bike (built by her helicopter-flying dad, we also soon found out). Isla studied this little girl for a while, then without discussion, without hesitation, she started riding her little Hello Kitty rainbow bike with adorable training wheels all by herself. After awhile, she took her first inevitable fall, scraped up both knees, an ankle and a palm, but she got back to it.

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