Asher’s first day of preschool

Baby boy (I can only call him that here. If I call him that to his face, he firmly reminds me, “I NOT a baby boy. I a big boy!”) started preschool this week. He joined Isla’s preschool, though in a different classroom. When I picked up the kids at the end of preschool, Asher’s teacher gave me nothing short of a stellar report- no accidents, talked and talked, ate a bunch of food, took a nap, no tears.

After the pick-up, I drove both kids straight to an off-base playground to play it out. Throughout the rest of the day, Asher relayed detail after detail- orange pretzels and tiny, black raisins for snack, for example. He told me many times that he was scared and that he missed his family, but that he was okay.

Isla is finally going to preschool (mostly) happily. Only took about a year and a half! We’re fairly convinced Isla is introverted, so it’s no surprise that accepting the social rigors of preschool presents a huge challenge. She also tells me next to nothing about her time at preschool. This, too, is no surprise. Asher and Isla- yin and yang!

Today was day 2, a day more telling than day 1 in our experience. Getting ready this morning, Asher let us know, just matter-of-factly, no tears, that he didn’t really want to go back, but that he’d be okay. Isla responded to this with an outpouring of support. “I’ll just be right next door, Asher, and you just tell your teachers anytime you need your big sister.” “I used to feel that way, too, Asher, but now I like school and I know you will, too.” By the time we rolled up to school, both kids were perfectly happy, excited even, to get started. Yes!!!


1- in our driveway, getting ready to leave for Asher’s first day ever and Isla’s first day back after holiday break

2- Asher during drop-off with his new teacher, Miss Zaki

3- at the playground after day 1

4- getting ready for day 2, wearing their school shirts





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