Hugs from Mother Nature

I recently read a blog post listing multiple ways to tune into our senses.

I love the ideas and had decided to incorporate as many as I could into my day-to-day life. Shortly after this decision, I realized that all I really need to do in order to “cultivate more joy” in my daily life and “replace New Year’s resolutions with delight-enhancing non-resolutions” is to follow the lead of 2 key little people- Isla and Asher.

So here are a few pictures of Isla “accepting a hug from Ma Nature.” She made multiple sand angels this day. After the initial laying down and wagging of arms and legs, she would then crouch over her angels and use her finger to draw in eyes, noses, mouths, hair, along with any other details that struck her fancy. I knew while it was happening that I should get down there with her and make a few of my own. But I’d actually showered that morning, even washed and braided my hair, and I just couldn’t bring myself to get covered in sand. Work in progress…




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