Beachside Playground

It happens so often here in Okinawa. Something routine turns into something spectacular because, well, because Okinawa is a tropical island and gorgeous beaches are everywhere. This weekend, our preschool organized a gathering at a local playground. We go to this playground at least once a week, but I only just found out that across a field and down a little wooded hill lies a small beach. So after the gathering at the playground, we decided to mosey on down to the beach.

In typical fashion, Isla started in the sand, searching out shells. Asher started at the water’s edge, throwing in large pieces of coral. Both eventually exhausted these options in favor of wading around the tide pools. And both eventually slipped entirely into a waist-deep tide pool, fully clothed on a fairly cold day. So they rode home in their birthday suits, attempting half-heartedly to stay somewhat covered with jackets we had in the car (we have to go through a heavily guarded gate to get home). All worthwhile, as once again, Mother Nature worked her magic on these kids and another afternoon melted peacefully away.








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