Asher’s 3rd Birthday

Asher asked for a party this year, so he got one. Third birthday, first party (outside of our home, I mean). He told us where to have it (an indoor playground), what theme he wanted (mustaches), and what he wanted to do- play with friends, eat cupcakes, eat cake. Yes, he specified both cupcakes and cake. We did our best to oblige!

At age 3, Asher is still a funny and warm little boy. Many things haven’t changed much since he was an infant- he has an entire repertoire of laughs, he loves to sing, he plays by himself contentedly for long stretches of time, he can’t sit still for very long during a meal (at least the wailing during mealtime that he did for months as a baby has subsided!). And many things have changed- he speaks intelligibly, he has mastered the potty, he sleeps in a bed, he occasionally instigates his sister, and he’s started preschool 3 times/week.

He’s a great kid and he makes parenting look easy. He recently told me, “when I growed up, I’m going to drink coffee, chew gum and ride a skateboard.”

I replied, “Asher, you’re so cool, you don’t even know.”

To which he replied, “oh, and play guitar.”

Exactly, kiddo. Happy birthday to you and many, many more!










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