Himawari Matsuri- sunflower viewing

An ocean, a mountain not far inland, a valley between the 2. This is the setting of Okinawa’s sunflower fields. We heard about these fields last year… after the viewing period had already come and gone. So this year, I made a point to keep my finger on the pulse and we made it! These fields are surrounded by farm lands, a temporary farmer’s market and people just drive up, walk around viewing the sunflowers, pick up some produce from the farmers and go on.

You’ll notice a discrepancy in who appears most often in these photos. Asher basically ran around the paths like a madman, not sure if he even looked at the flowers. He loved the mud and the rocks, though. Isla strolled casually, touching flowers gingerly, naming them, assigning them to a royal family. This one is the queen of them all! And this one is quite old, must be the queen’s mom! To Asher, I kept saying- wait up! To Isla, I kept saying- come on, kiddo! These kids.












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