Hong Kong Disneyland

On our third day in Hong Kong, we pushed aside all negative thoughts regarding Disney and just went for it. And I’m here to say, our day at Hong Kong Disneyland was truly magical. Perfect weather, minimal crowds, small park perfect for the ages of the kids in our group. We literally walked onto rides, multiple times. Isla rode Space Mountain (at least 4 times) and loved it. We didn’t have to secure a spot well in advance for the parade. It just all worked, and my faith in Disney has been restored. (Call me a curmudgeon, but prior to this, I can’t recall a trip to Disney as an adult with kids that wasn’t plagued by massive crowds and a sinking feeling of money wasted). Halfway through the day, our large group grew by 1 more mom and 1 more kid, bringing our total for the remainder of the trip up to 5 moms and 8 kids! And another remarkable experience from this day is that I separated early (after the parade, but before the fireworks and park closing) from the group to get my kids back to the apartment, as Isla and Asher were among the youngest of the group and definitely handling the sleep deprivation and disruption of routine with the least amount of grace. Leaving the group meant me navigating 3 subway transfers on my own to get back. I did it, and Isla and Asher handled it like seasoned travelers. In many ways, they are seasoned travelers! And I have the pictures to prove it, since I’m guessing they’ll eventually forget just about all of this!









One thought on “Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. You all have now been to all 4 Disney parks! Are there more than 4? Pretty impressive.

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