Posted in October 2015

The Chicken Whisperer

Ok. We are 5 days into chicken raising. We’ve got their coop built and hopefully protected from any possible predators. We’ve got feeding and watering them down. We can tell them apart from each other. We’ve kept them (mostly) clean in their brooder (ie, plastic storage container) while we await them becoming old enough to … Continue reading

Weeds to Some, Magic to Others

While biking home from school today, we came across a field of wild flowers that Isla and Asher couldn’t resist. Naturally, we stopped! Honestly, anytime these kids want to stop to pick flowers, I’ll try to accommodate them. It’s not just about the flowers, which of course I love. It’s also about our connection to … Continue reading

New Chicks on the Block

We drove out to a little family farm this weekend to pick up 3 little chickies, all 5 weeks old. I didn’t get many pictures at the farm, as we were all caught up in the moment. (How dare we?) But we’ve snapped a few since getting them home. After much discussion, Asher and Isla … Continue reading

Batman Asher

I (mostly) finished up Asher’s costume today. Here’s what happened when he tried it all on.             

Fall Vegetables

Going from our tiny yard in government housing in Okinawa to our big yard here in San Antonio, we’ve been excited to do yard-y things. We got our compost set up pretty quickly after moving in, but it’s taken us a little longer to get our vegetable garden ready. This weekend, though, we finally accumulated … Continue reading

San Antonio Zoo

After too long of a break from the blog, I’m determined to get it going again. And I mean it! (Anybody want a peanut?) So here we go. For Columbus Day today, we decided to check out the zoo in our new home town of San Antonio. We first spent a lazy morning playing, art-ing … Continue reading