San Antonio Zoo

After too long of a break from the blog, I’m determined to get it going again. And I mean it! (Anybody want a peanut?)

So here we go. For Columbus Day today, we decided to check out the zoo in our new home town of San Antonio. We first spent a lazy morning playing, art-ing (not sure what else to call it when Isla and Asher sit down with paper, fabric scraps, glue, feathers and whatever other media they find, then process to create stuff), and babying our new veggie garden. The weather was lovely and breezy, so after lunch we drove to the zoo. By the time we arrived, unfortunately, the weather had turned very hot and very not breezy. But we hail from Okinawa. We pushed on.

The zoo here was a hit for Isla and Asher. I see annual memberships in our near future. I’m happy that although we no longer need strollers or diaper bags, these kids are still completely awed by beautiful gardens, thoughtful animal habitats and the occasional carousel. 


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